11th January 2014

Show was held on 11/01/14
Roundhay Methodist Church Hall
Springwood Road
West Yorkshire

Show winners

Best Pet and Adult Owned Pet: Endeavour Mulder owned by Gallifrey Rattery
Res. Best Pet and Rescue Pet: Wiley owned by Outlaw Rattery
Junior Owned Pet: Bog Myrtle Back to Black owned by Savannah Astley
Breeder Owned Pet: Rattray Rebel Without a Cause owned by Rattray Stud
Rebel Yell Pet of the Year Trophy: Comis Hot Cinnamon Candy owned by Rattray Stud
Best in Show: Skatta Lotus Blossom
BOA Bog Myrtle Creme du Leche
3rd Bog Myrtle Phydias
4th Yabba Dabba Doo Khizi
Stud Buck Bog Myrtle Phydias
Novice Skatta Lotus Blossom
Juvenile Trinovantum Apple Jack (Champagne) owned by Savannah Astley
New Varieties: Campion Clem (Blue Point Himalayan) owned by Bog Myrtle Stud
Self: Skatta Lotus Blossom (Ivory) owned by Skatta Rattery
Marked: Bog Myrtle Big McIntosh (Berkshire) owned by Savannah Astley
Russian: Yabba Dabba Doo Khizi (Russian Topaz) owned by Trinovantum Stud
Shaded: Bog Myrtle Creme du Leche (Argente Creme) owned by Bog Myrtle Stud
AOV: Bog Myrtle Phydias (Topaz) owned by Bog Myrtle Stud
Rex: Bog Myrtle Begorra (Cinnamon Irish) owned by Bog Myrtle Stud
Dumbo: Gallifrey Sophie (Striped Roan) owned by Gallifrey Rattery
Guide Standard: Mimizuku Oskar (Wheaten Burmese) owned by Frankie Whiston
Agility: Junior: Savannah Astley with Bog Myrtle Back to Black (Amy)
           Adult and Overall: Kate Rattray with Rattray Divine Debris