17th May 2014

17th May – Annual Cup Show 2 star show

Oakwood Church
Springwood Road,

Show Winners

Best in Show: Tenebrae
RBIS Endeavour April Owned by Harmonium
BOA Rowangate Tom Owned by Outlaw
4th Bog Myrtle Malvern Hills
Stud Buck Bog Myrtle Tangerine Dream Owned by Trinovntum
Novice Stovokor Senorita Bonita

Rare Varieties

Best in Show: Halcyon Timothy Owned by Endeavour

RBIS Trinovantum Quett
3rd Topthorne Dreams that Glitter Owned by Rattray
4th/BOA Bog Myrtle Manipur
Stud Buck Trinovantum Quett
Best Pet and Adult Owned Pet: Piccadilly owned by Jess Main
Res. Best Pet: Rattray An Education in Rebellion Wiley owned by Rattray
Rescue Pet: Smudge Owned by Macy Todd
Junior Owned Pet:
Breeder Owned Pet: