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The Yorkshire Rat Club (YRC) was set up in 2002, to promote the keeping of rats as pets and to encourage people to show their rats in a competitive but companionable atmosphere, and has grown into a vibrant and thriving community of rat lovers. We are the ideal place to find out about rats and to learn the joys of keeping these fantastic pets for yourself.

We stage regular shows in the Yorkshire area.

You can find out about our upcoming shows on and who we are on our website, but to get the best from the club as a whole, why not join us? That way you also get our regular club magazine, an invitation to join the friendly, members forum where you can chat and ask questions, access to our full range of breeder and rat seeker services and reduced entry fees for your rats at the shows.

Although firmly with out heart in Yorkshire we welcome members from all over the UK, and beyond, and hope to continue to grow and provide fun, friendship and information for ratty-minded folks for long to come.