About the Milestone Awards


The YRC are always looking for ways to improve and build on what we offer to members, and our latest idea is the YRC Milestone Award (YMA). YMAs aim to celebrate our rats’ (hopefully) long and healthy lives.

Awards will be given at 26 (pearl), 30 (emerald), 34 (ruby), 38 (sapphire) and 42 (diamond) months. Applications can be made from when a rat reaches 26 months, until 6 months after the rat dies. Each milestone can be individually applied for while the rat is alive as it reaches the age required for that milestone, but only the highest one reached can be applied for posthumously. A certificate will be awarded for each milestone, preferrably at the following show, although awards can be posted if necessary. Each award will be announced in Starats, and on the forum, where a special section has been created for this.

To apply, please e-mail Coleen Gruber and provide the following information:

  • the rat’s name
  • the rat’s date of birth (can be approximate)
  • the date of death (if posthumous)
  • your name and address
  • origin (breeder (and their name), rescue etc.

Click here to view a list of the YMAs that have been awarded so far…