Entry Form Guidance

Agility and Curiosity can be entered on the day.
Shoulder rats are welcome. (Please see guidance notes or ask Show Secretary for advice.)

Kittens – Aged 8 weeks – 14 weeks
Adults – Aged over 14 weeks
Kittens under 8 weeks old may not be shown. Kittens may have a similar age companion (in another class or not entered in the show) or some soft white bedding material in their tank.

Kittens under 6 weeks of age should not be brought to any show.

Variety Classes
New Varieties (Apricot Agouti; Essex Capped; bareback; Blue Point Himalayan; Cinnamon; Coffee; Golden Siamese; Havana; Hooded Downunder; Marten; Merle; Powder Blue; Quick Silver; Russian Burmese; Russian Dove Agouti; Russian Pearl; Sable Burmese; Satin; Silver Agouti; Spotted Downunder; Turpin)

SELF: Pink Eyed White; Champagne; Buff; Platinum; British Blue; Chocolate / Mink; Ivory

MARKED: Berkshire / Badger; Irish; Hooded; Variegated; Capped; Essex; Chinchilla; Squirrel; Roan / Striped Roan

RUSSIAN: Russian Blue; Russian Dove; Russian Blue Agouti

SHADED: Argente Crème; Himalayan; Siamese; Blue Point Siamese; Burmese

AOV: Topaz; Silver Fawn; Silver; Agouti; Cinnamon; British Blue Agouti; Lilac Agouti; Pearl / Cinnamon Pearl; Platinum Agouti

REX: Self; Marked; Russian; Shaded; AOV

DUMBO: Self; Marked; Russian; Shaded; AOV; Rex

Guide Standard ( Lilac; Cream; Russian Silver; Russian Silver Agouti; Golden Himalayan; Russian Topaz; Wheaten Burmese)

Also see Show Entry Flowchart

Pet Classes
Adult Owned Pet Buck
Adult Owned Pet Doe
Junior Owned Pet Buck
Junior Owned Pet Doe
Breeder Owned Pet Buck (For all pets owned by those with NFRS Stud names)
Breeder Owned Pet Doe (For all pets owned by those with NFRS Stud names)

Rescue Pet (Duplicate Class – enter class as above but note Rescue on your entry form)