Helping out at Shows and Beyond


Have you ever wanted to get more involved with the YRC by helping out on show days, at PR events or with YRC activities between shows? We’re always looking for members who are keen to become more active within the club.

Meet and greet: If you are looking for a job at the shows we always need willing members to man the meet and greet. This is usually busiest at the start of the show. You need to be a welcoming face for newcomers to the show, answer general queries (or point out a committee member who can help), and advise people where the show secretary’s table is and how to bench their entries. There are usually some information leaflets and membership forms if people want them. It’s a good way to meet new people and promote the friendly atmosphere we aim for at shows. If you’d like to help, please speak to the liaison officer.

Stewarding: Stewards are needed for both varieties and pets. Please click here for more information. If you’d like to volunteer, please speak to the show secretary.

Pet judging: If you’d like to judge pets at one of our shows please click here or speak to our show secretary.

Scribing: Often judges like to have some help in writing down their comments on the rats, ready to transcribe into their reports for StaratS. This is a really good way to get to see the rats close up, find out what the judges are looking for and see how they reach their decisions. Neat handwriting and an attention to detail are a bonus for this job. You also need to make sure that you don’t pass any comments that may appear to be attempts to influence the judging, or let slip which are your rats! Some judges may bring their own scribes, and Championship Judges may have trainee judges sitting in, but if you’d like to scribe then see our show secretary.

Raffle/tombola: Raffles and tombolas are one of the main ways that the club raises money towards the cost of hiring venues for shows. Selling tickets and donating prizes are ways you can help with this. Good quality items are always in demand for prizes, and don’t have to be rat-related. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on a prize – items such as rat treats or human sweets always go down well, as do hand-crafted items and home-made cakes and goodies.

Younger club members in particular are welcome to get involved in selling and folding tickets, and in helping with the draw by checking tickets etc. Anyone with a good clear voice is ideal to shout out the winning numbers. If you can help here please speak to our liason officer.

Catering: Our catering manager runs the YRC kitchen, and will always welcome an extra pair of hands (or 3) to help out. If you could take a turn at making drinks, collecting dirty dishes, washing up or cleaning the kitchen at the end of the day it would be very much appreciated. Kitchen helpers can have a free drink or cake as a thank you for their hard work.

Helping the show secretary team: The show secretary’s table is the ‘engine room’ of the show. It is generally very busy, especially at the start of the day and towards the end. Everyone wants to get home, so the pressure is on the show team to get the presentations done as soon as possible after judging is finished. Help in writing out the cards, sorting rosettes and setting the presentation table is always welcome. There is only space for a limited number of helpers at any one time, but if you’d like to help, or learn more about show seccing, speak to the show secretary.

In the hall: We are lucky to have access to numerous venues. At the end of each show we need to clear all the tables and put them away in the racks, tidy chairs, sweep the floors and put out the rubbish. We ask all our members and exhibitors to contribute to this, as the sooner it is done the sooner we can have our presentations and the sooner we can get home. So please help by taking your dirty dishes back to the kitchen, emptying your tanks into the bins provided, wiping down tables, sweeping up, stacking tables etc.

PR events: We have several PR events in the summer, and are always open to suggestions for other events where we could have an exhibition and/or pet show. These might include local shows or school fetes. If you know of anywhere then please let us know. We also always need volunteers to help run these events and to spend a couple of hours meeting the public and spreading the word about the YRC and rats in general. If you can help, or would like to know more, please speak to our show manager or publicity officer.

Publicising the YRC: We have posters and leaflets available to display in vets, pet shops, libraries etc – anywhere you can think of! These are available at shows or by post/e-mail. Please contact the publicity officer for further details.

StaratS: StaratS is YOUR journal. We rely on you for contributions and to tell us about any news items you spot that might be of interest to other members. We’re also keen to have pictures, cartoons, jokes, puzzles, recipes and craft ideas. If you’d like to contribute anything, or just have a chat about any ideas that you have, please contact the journal editor.