Shoulder Rat Guidelines


If you don’t want to enter your rats into varieties or pets, you are more than welcome to bring them along for a fun day out! Please just make sure you adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Carriers, or similar containers, must be provided for shoulder rats and a source of food and moisture available at all times.
  • No shoulder rats will be allowed in the kitchen or within 2 metres of the serving hatch or within 1 metre of the judging areas for varieties, pets and agility.
  • Rats of opposite sexes must not free range or be in bags, pouches or carriers etc. together at any time.
  • The practice of mixing rats from more than one household – whether being held, ‘free ranging’ or in bags, pouches or carriers etc. is strongly discouraged by the club.
  • The passing of rats from person to person is at the sole risk of the parties involved.
  • Hand cleansing gel and/or washing facilities are available at all YRC shows and should be used frequently and particularly after handling rats.
  • The responsibility of cleaning up any excreta, spilt food or bedding remains with the owner of the rat(s). Wipes and bin bags are provided at all YRC shows.
  • Shoulder rats will be subject to the same visual health checks as rats for exhibition should the committee feel these are appropriate.